HEYcoating – TPE

Unlimited applications possibilities by using TPE (thermoplastic elastomer)

The requirements to technical textiles are as diverse as their fields of application. The different product characteristics are provided by the appropriate equipment and coating of the carrier fabrics. Heytex meets with his coating recipes almost all customer requirements. Besides PVC, TPU, Alcryn®, Blends and Polyolefine Heytex uses now also TPE (thermoplastic elastomers). Depending on the purpose and application, the coating formula is created individually in accordance to material requirements. For example, the formula may be composed with respect to abrasion resistance or elasticity. Eco-friendly TPE has food approval and convinces by its excellent resistance against cold, ozone, harsh weather conditions, heat, acids and bases. TPE was developed to be bondable and weldable. Thus, no investments are required for processing.

Convince yourself also of the possibilities of the Heytex coating technology – HEYcoating.

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