Storage of oils and fuels under difficult climatic conditions. Is that possible?

No problem with HEYstore TPU materials for flexible containers. Our special coating technology makes these products airtight and watertight. The TPU coating ensures low abrasion and temperature resistance from -50°C to +90C°.

Our specially adjusted coating formula of the inner side makes the product very resistant to mineral oils and fuels. The hydrolysis and UV resistant outer side makes the product ideal for fuel storage in both very cold and hot regions.  Of course, this also applies to moderate climates!

Save time and money with our HEYseal edge sealing.

At Heytex, material edges can be sealed right during our production process. This ensures that no water gets into the fuel to be stored at the seam/weld edges and no escaping fuel contaminates the environment. We take care of this step for you, so that you can significantly reduce the amount of finishing work.

With or without edge sealing now available from stock in beige/white. While stocks last.