Closed case system for salmon farming

Not long ago in August, our team was finally able to visit Aqua Nor Trondheim again. Here, our team met Vidar Vangen, Managing Director of Merdslippen AS, in front of an original part of the GreenBag.


The GreenBag is a new type of closed cage system for salmon farming with a capacity of 6000 m³ developed by Merdslippen AS.

A depth-adjustable water extraction offers the possibility of temperature optimization, efficient oxygen enrichment and continuous removal of sediments ensure the best possible fish welfare.


The technical textile bag was made from seabar TPU 1900 of the HEYbarrier range. This material was specially developed for this application.

The use of food-safe TPU prevents contamination with low-molecular weight impurities.

With excellent abrasion properties, high coating adhesion and an extremely strong base fabric, the material defies the most adverse conditions of a maritime environment.


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sea bar 1900 TPU (H8591)

sea bar 1900 TPU (H8591)

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