Heytex offers the perfect solution for any requirement.

Almost fifty per cent of all fabrics produced in Germany are technical fabrics.
The Bramsche based fabric company Heytex, having sites in Neugersdorf, China and the USA produces high quality fabrics of this segment. Whatever your requirements, Heytex will find the adequate material solution. “The company has now been existing for 100 years already and was developed from a family business. We develop high-quality, functionalised fabrics which can suit any requirements, owing to their versatility“, says Dr. Decher, the Heytex group managing director.

In the field of Texineering® = fabric + engineering, Heytex relies in 2017 on an absolute HEYlight fabric support having a TPU coating suiting to long term applications. These materials must resist heavy conditions while offering outstanding reliability. These products stand out due to superior adhesion grades, feature distinguished abrasion properties, excellent flexibility under cold conditions and suit ideally for any applications involving a long stay in the water. For the first time, the standing proven and award-winning HEYtrax double-wall tissue are now available with TPU coating, too.

A new product offered by Heytex is easyroller 1700 from the HEYdoors rolling series. Just like the other materials from this series, the new product is extremely wear-resistant and very long-lasting. Owing to its woven pockets, it is possible to easily integrate local reinforcements requiring no additional manufacture work. This results into a plane surface without any additional fused pockets which can then be used for printing advertising messages, as necessary. Easyroller items are based upon resilient polyester tissues.

In order to meet specific client requirements, we have clearly enriched the variety in the field of materials designed to store products. Starting from storage of drinking water under various world-wide standards, to tap water, chemicals up to products from the field of food production, Heytex is in a position to offer adequate material made of PVC, various TPU types and TPE.

At the Techtextil trade fair of this year, Heytex will show textile applications featuring material properties that exist, among others, in the great outdoors. As an example, an elephant skin is highly hard-wearing, just like the offshore oil barriers of the HEYbarrier range which withstand the heaviest environment conditions.


The textile company from Bramsche sets on size at Fespa 2017.
“Discover the gateway to the world with Heytex” a request that Heytex meets with its ground-breaking fabrics for a wide variety of applications and printing processes. Whether as textile, banner or laminate – extraordinary ideas can be realised on fabrics made of HEYtex. True to the motto: “No idea can ever be too big.”

This motto is taken more than literally by Heytex this year. At the fair, images of the megacities of the world show the connection to that world. Heytex sets on internationality that they already live at their locations in Germany, the USA and China.

A large volume will also be covered by the 5-metre laminating plant which will be launched by the company in autumn 2017. Up to 15 million square metres of additional capacity per year will allow an enhanced product range to meet new customer requirements. Thus, further markets may be opened up and 100% best quality can be offered as before.

“We are all very excited and looking forward to the new challenges. With the new plant, we will have another foot in the door to become the market leader”, says Katrin von Dreele, Product manager HEYsign.

Just like John F. Kennedy expressed it so appropriately: Once you say you’re going to settle for second, that’s what happens to you in life.

Von Dreele “And this is not our standard of quality. We have been producing quality for more than 100 years now and try to meet and implement every customer requirement”.

To promote this quality in the best possible way, the warehouse and logistic centre as well as the lamination facility for PVC-free lamination will be expanded. Quick response times and optimal handling will be the results.

Welcome at Techtextil 2017

You have the requirement – we have the solution.

Discover the many faces of technical, functionalized fabrics at this year*s Techtextil Frankfurt.

“Discover the many faces of fabric” – an invitation which is met by Heytex with its technical textiles for the most diverse applications and printing processes. Technical textiles by Heytex are used all over the world. The premium quality fabrics of the “Texineering” range can be used for many different purposes. Learn more about our diversity and visit us at Techtextil.

We are looking forward to meeting you there.

Techtextil Frankfurt | 09.-12. May 2017 | Hall 3 Stand B75

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Welcome to Fespa 2017

Discover the gateway to the world with Heytex sign media..

At this year’s Fespa in Hamburg, Heytex will opt for size.”Discover the gateway to the world with Heytex”, a request that Heytex meets with its ground-breaking fabrics for a wide variety of applications and printing processes. Whether as textile, banner or laminate, backlit, frontlit, mesh, blockout, decoration fabric, acoustic textile or wall and/or ceiling covering – unusual ideas can come true on fabrics made by HEYtex®. True to the Heytex motto: “No idea can ever be too big”.

Convince yourself at Fespa 2017 in Hamburg.
We are looking forward to your visit..

Hamburg Messe und Congress | 8. – 12. May 2017 | Hall B7 Stand B7-B10

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Fespa Heylight

World Premiere at FESPA: Heytex on Rhotex 500

Heytex® convinces at Fespa Amsterdam with live printing on its one side printable blockout digitex® decoflex opaque B1/M1 on the worldwide first 5m Dye-Sublimation printing system for seamless and extrawide signage applications of Durst Rhotex, Rhotex 500.

Setting signs with and for Sign media in large format. Convince yourself of this unparalleled material true to the Heytex motto “No idea can ever be too big”.

More Heytex materials suitable for DyeSub printing:

  • digitex® decoflex B1/M1 (H7303-0502)
  • NEW: digitex® decoflex premium B1/M1 (H7333-0502)
  • digitex® decoflex opaque B1/M1 (H7380-0975)

Feel free to contact us for further information, sample and offer!

Heylight of the month

Welcome to Fespa 2016.

Setting signs with and for sign media – Heytex sets textile signs in large format at this year’s Fespa in Amsterdam. “Give me a sign” a request that Heytex complies with by its pathbreaking materials for a wide variety of applications and printing processes. Whether as a textile, banner or laminate, backlit, frontlit, mesh, blockout, decoration fabric, acoustic textile or as wall or ceiling coverings – unusual ideas may be implemented on materials of the HEYtex® brand. True to the Heytex motto: “No. idea can ever be too big”.

We are looking forward to your visit.
Amsterdam RAI Exhibition Centre | 2016 March, 8-11 |hall 1 booth H60

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Heytex press release Fespa 2016

Flyer Fespa 2016


It sounds and feels good.

Redecorating old or creating new things: With ceilstar B1/M1 – the new textile for wall and ceiling coverings by Heytex, you can create new living spaces with a pleasant atmosphere.

he high-quality, printable textiles of the HEYsign – deco portfolio are ideal for new private as well as for public buildings and renovations of old buildings. And even larger projects can be implemented quickly due to simple and clean installation. Excellent technical characteristics and brilliant printing results of HEYsign-deco materials leave room for exceptional ideas – according to the Heytex motto: “No idea can ever be too big”.
Classic motifs, modern structures or abstract objects, whatever you like to design and integrate into the architecture of the room is possible. And all that even seamlessly on a printing width of 510 cm. For example, printed ceilstar B1/M1 textiles are used as wall or ceiling coverings in homes, hotels, bars, discos, theatres, cinemas, shops, hospitals, swimming pools and sports halls.

Wall and ceiling coverings are quickly and easily installed. And even after installation, everything remains clean, because ceilstar is antistatic and thus dust-free. All HEYsign-deco fabrics are free from PVC, phthalate and volatile organic compounds (VOC, SVOC, CMR), resistant to temperature fluctuations, durable, flame retardant and suitable for wet rooms. ceilstar textiles are manufactured at our factory in Bramsche, Lower Saxony in accordance with stretch ceiling standard EN 14716. Made in Germany for new living spaces.

HEYsign – deco: Because no idea can ever be too big.
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The Heytex Group expands its worldwide product portfolio by purchasing BondCote

By purchasing BondCote Corporation with headquarters in Pulaski, Virginia, USA, Heytex remains faithful to its growth strategy.

Heytex stands for excellent quality of coated and laminated textiles worldwide. In the field of sign media, Heytex supplies the world market with a comprehensive product portfolio for all indoor and outdoor applications in digital print. Moreover, Heytex develops, produces and sells technical textiles, for example for truck and cover tarpaulins, large and party tents as well as dock shelters and also technological premium products for example for biogas membranes or stadium roofing, flexible containers or bellows. The possibilities of using the fabrics made by HEYTex® are nearly unlimited.

The US-based company BondCote with about 80 employees was established in 1949 and is specialised in coated and laminated textiles, amongst others in the fields of military equipment, roofing, environmental applications, agriculture, leisure and sports. Just like Heytex, BondCote lives the claim of meeting customer requirements by new product developments and even exceeding them. For that purpose, both companies rely on state-of-the-art technologies and excellent staff.

Worldwide coverage with high-quality products – a strategy that both companies pursue together. With a total of four productions sites, i.e. Bramsche, Neugersdorf, Pulaski and Zhangjiagang, the group will manufacture its products on three continents from now on. Current Heytex and BondCote customers as well as future customers may thus profit from quicker access to the products of the entire group.
The CEO of the Heytex Group, Dr. Heribert Decher, puts it that way: “We pursue a long-term strategy and set standards with our innovative products. With BondCote as a new member of the Heytex family we have made the next, very important step.”

Ted Anderson, CEO of BondCote addes: “Together with our customers we will develop new products made of our innovative textiles. To do so, we need direct customer contact and proximity to the markets. We are looking forward to offering our customers these products as being part of the
Heytex Group and to sharing our experience and the know-how we have gained with Heytex.
This will markedly increase the worldwide presence of the new group in the field of functionalised technical textiles”.

Textile + Engineering = TEXINEERING® by Heytex und BondCote


Five digitex® textile products made by Heytex have been certified by Oeko-Tex®.

Five Heytex sign textiles have been tested by the independent “Umweltlabor ACB GmbH” and passed the comprehensive tests of the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 class IV.
Thus, all products of the decoflex fabric range and the heylux backlit material have been certified. With this, Heytex sets standards as to the ecological safety of textiles, as the harmful substance tests altogether go far beyond already existing national laws.

As a modern and international company, Heytex does not only think locally or nationally, but most of all globally. To reduce harmful impacts on the environment to a minimum, to use natural resources as economically as possible and to treat the resources sensitively are integrated parts of the management principles of the Heytex Group.

This is underlined by the consequence commitment for environmental protection and safety, amongst others by the implementation of regular ecological and environmental audits, the introduction of an environmental management system and memberships in associations expressly devoted to the protection of the environment (e. g. EPCoat Project).

Amelie Hetzel, Junior Product Manager for the sign range at Heytex played a leading role in the certification process and stated that “nature conservation is a decisive part of our way of thinking. This is why the Oeko-Tex® certification was a logical and further step. Oeko-Tex®Standard 100 provides certified safety to us and our clients – environmentally friendly and recyclable.”

The following products are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified:

  • digitex® heylux (H7806-0401) | sign textiles – backlit
  • digitex® decoflex delight (H7306-0501) | sign textiles – backlit
  • digitex® decoflex (H7303-0502) | sign textiles – frontlit
  • digitex® decoflex premium (H7333-0502) | sign textiles – frontlit
  • digitex® decoflex opaque (H7380-0975) | sign textiles – blockout

Pathbreaking textiles

Whether on textiles, banners or laminates, as backlit, frontlit, mesh or blockout:
materials of the HEYTex®brand are a guarantee for impressive results.

At International Ad & Sign Exhibition in Shanghai Heytex convinced with the revised product range.

The probably most impressive exhibit was the big lightbox, equipped with a seamless digitex®heylux backlit textile. This PVC-free, highly translucent backlit is the first of its kind in widths of 5m.
With this textile, Heytex provides unprecedented possibilities for efficient lightbox advertisement applications: this 5 m textile practically removes dimensional restrictions of the so far available fabric formats for modern LED lightboxes and adds an excellent and new dimension to them.
Heytex offers the customer a wide range of sign media. From PVC-free textiles and banner materials to a comprehensive laminate series. For every application and printing method a suitable material can be offered to achieve the best printing results.