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> We at Heytex believe that youth is the future and needs to be properly trained.


Also this year we welcome our new trainees at our locations Bramsche and Ebersbach-Neugersdorf. Welcome to the team!

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Returning to home – From Germany to the USA and back again

> At #heytex, we believe that characters will help our brand move forward.


After three years of sales activities in the subsidiary Heytex USA in Pulaski, Virginia, Manuel Radke has returned to Germany.


As Market Manager (Business Development) Technical Textiles, Manuel was responsible for the establishment and development of the market for technical textiles in the USA. He took the courageous step to move to the USA with the whole family. After his appointment as Senior Management Team Member, Manuel achieved his goal of defining the strategic sales direction in two years and also helped to shape strategic corporate decisions.


Manuel Radke, born in 1986 in Nienburg/Weser, Germany, looks back on more than 12 years of experience in the sales of technical textiles. Even before his employment abroad he was responsible for the area of Texineering for special applications at Heytex.


From September 2020 on Manuel will continue to be the main responsible for the Texineering division of the Heytex USA group as Director and will be responsible for Texineering products of the farms & leisure divisions in Germany as Senior Market Manager.


In his new role, Manuel’s biggest task is to expand the market share despite the current challenges and to develop the business with new innovative applications for the future.


Manuel Radke lives with his wife and two sons in Minden.




Heytex presents: New Plant Manager

From “Hands-on” and “Can-do” – From development to plant management


> At Heytex, we believe that characters will help our brand move forward.<

We are therefore proud to introduce Marko Rother as new plant manager for the headquarters plant in Bramsche/Engter.


Marko Rother has been working for Heytex since 2014 and starts his career in the development department where he is also responsible for important projects for the Heytex Group. From 2015 to 2019, he will also head the development department at the Heytex subsidiary in Zhangjiagang, China. He also looks back on field assignments at the Heytex subsidiaries in Pulaski, USA and at the second German location Neugersdorf. Since his return from China, Marko has been in charge of the development department, quality assurance and the laboratory.


Thus, Marko Rother can experience and live all positive virtues of the three continents and likes to make them his own – pragmatism – enthusiasm – engineering thinking. His comprehensive knowledge of the market supplied by Heytex will certainly help him in this respect.


In his new role as plant manager, it is now his greatest challenge to implement the generation change in everyday production in order to ensure the safeguarding and expansion of the business at the Bramsche location in unsettled economic times. To this end, knowledge as a resource is to be secured, imparted and further expanded. In this way Marko Rother combines practice with knowledge, planning with implementation, sustainability with development, all in the spirit of “hands-on & can-do”.


We are looking forward to the next steps!


Heytex presents new Plant Manager - July 2020

Heytex presents new Plant Manager - July 2020

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Small Change – Big Effect

As a manufacturer “Made in Germany”, we as a company take our responsibility towards our environment as well as human health seriously.

Our goal is to provide optimum protection for people and the environment, which is why we invest, for example, in environmentally friendly and energy-efficient exhaust air treatment technologies – for the benefit of everyone’s health.

In addition, we are constantly developing our materials further to reduce the toxicological profile of our materials and at the same time improve the material properties.

What does this mean for you?:

  • For the article(s) you purchase, this means a changeover to the latest generation of “print coating”, with a significantly improved toxicological profile, and the associated optimization of product properties.
  • For you as a printer, this enables improved print quality at the same cost. Particularly noteworthy are a larger color gamut and thus process-safe printing of sophisticated motifs. The print image has become more robust, and through improved ink adhesion we achieve higher scratch and abrasion resistance.


Small changes with great effect – with Heytex made-in-Germany !


You have questions?

Your usual contact person will help you.
Or you can contact us directly


Phone +49 5468 7774 321
>> heysign@heytex.com



Get into the HEYsign print media FEELING

New Commercial Director

Heytex appoints Fabian Kampsen as new Commercial Director from its own ranks.


Heytex appoints Fabian Kampsen as new Commercial Director, groomed from its own ranks.


Fabian Kampsen is with Heytex since 2011, was meanwhile able to gather much appreciated sales experience in Heytex’ subsidiary in China from 2014 to 2015 and has, since his successful Master-degree, up to now been responsible as Market Manager for our HEYsign business center of printable textiles.


In his new role as Commercial Director Fabian Kampsen is entrusted with leading the global sales & marketing team to continue Heytex’ development towards a customer-focused, reliable and sustainable partner for its customers as well as maneuvering Heytex Sales through the challenging times of Covid-19 and setting Sales up for the future.


Fabian lives with his girlfriend in Damme, Germany


You can reach Fabian at Fabian.Kampsen@heytex.com


New Commercial Director

New Commercial Director

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Covid-19: Heytex Provides Broad Portfolio for Protection

Materials for Masks, Clothing, Beds, Mattresses, Sluices, Tanks, Tents and more


Bramsche/Germany, May 2020


In Germany the wearing of masks in public transport and supermarkets is mandatory.


Against this background, Heytex has put together a broad Portfolio to actively support the fight against the virus:


The Masks: Heysafe Makeshift Mouth and Nose Mask

Heytex recommends heytex protect – ready-made makeshift mouth-nose masks as ready-made masks, polyester knitwear, uncertified, stretchable, supple and boil-proof. Or as roll material for easy confection in different widths. Heytex supplies roll goods in different widths and running metre lengths of 50 or 100 running metres.


Mouth and nose masks have a physiological protective function and represent a physical barrier. Under certain circumstances, they can protect people in the immediate environment from saliva and slime droplets. Detailed information: https://heytex.com/heytex-protect-fuer-behelfs-mund-nase-masken.


The Specifications

Knitted fabric adapts to the facial contours better than woven fabric due to its stretching behaviour. The mask has a firm fit and fits comfortably. It is boil-proof, washable at 90°C and offers high durability and longevity. An advantage is that it is made of polyester and therefore generates less particle emission than natural fibres such as cotton.


The Selection

On the one hand, Heytex offers material for self-made production, as finished goods as roll goods. On the other hand, ready makeshift mouth-nose masks are available as ready-made masks.



Mouth and nose masks are re-usable, non-medical items of clothing that should be washed before use.

Pimp your mask - mask Essen & Bramsche

Pimp your mask - mask Essen & Bramsche

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heytex protect (H9010-0001)

heytex protect (H9010-0001)

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cleaning & use heytex protect

cleaning & use heytex protect

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The Further Product Portfolio for Protection

  • Transport Solutions (materials for vacuum mattresses, slings, body covers)
  • Shelter Solutions (materials for tents, sluices)
  • Shelter equipment (materials for field beds, ventilation hoses, cover fabrics, partition curtains)
  • Apparel & Camp Equipment (materials for face masks, visual protection, dirty water and drinking water tanks)
  • Decontamination Solutions (materials for ground cover, decontamination stations)
  • Accessory Solutions (materials for replaceable and disinfectable covers for e.g. bus seats, carrier and shipping bags for delivery companies)

Covid-19 – Heytex offers a broad product portfolio for the protection against corona


Covid-10: Heytex provides solutions

Covid-10: Heytex provides solutions

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Heytex and Spantech

From yarn to high-tech fabric to the largest pavilion at bauma 2019

Weaving, coating, laminating: The expertise in these areas makes Heytex the world leader in the production of technical textiles. Such sophisticated high-performance fabrics can only be created through profound expert knowledge and continuous development, because handling them requires the greatest care and precision.
To guarantee this in every step, that is our claim. More than 100 years of experience in the development and production of technical textiles make Heytex a sought-after specialist for coated fabrics.


This was also the case with an extraordinary project at the trade fair bauma 2019, which was realized by the company Spantech with coated fabric by Heytex.


It was the wish of the end customer, the PERI company, to present itself at the trade fair with a modern appearance which would stand out from the crowd by day and night and which the trade fair visitors would remember for a long time. This idea was implemented with a pavilion with a spectacular cushion facade.


Sjors van Vorstenbos, Spantech’s Chief Commercial Officer: “To realize our client’s vision, we needed a material that was both high quality and highly translucent. Heytex offered the perfect solution for us with its quality tentalux 650 (H6671).

The high product quality, the on-schedule realization of even the most demanding projects and the dedicated commitment have convinced us once again”.


With gigantic dimensions of 85 m length, 45 m span and 20 m height, this was the largest pavilion at bauma 2019. A project with an undoubted long-distance effect.


The project in figures:
40.000 m² coated fabric
130.000 kg steel
76,000 kg aluminium


For more information: www.span-tech.com


Peri Pavillon at bauma 2019, Pillow Design with HEYtent tentalux 650 (H6671) Image: Spantech


Heytex takes home Show Stopper Award

Coastbar TPU wins IFAI 2017 Chemicals, Coatings and Compounds Category

Every year Industrial Association Fabrics International (IFAI) Expo showcases the new and innovative products of the year through its „Show Stopper Program“. It is to recognize the best of the best on the show floor. Heytex’s Coastbar Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) (H8550) was this year’s chemicals, coatings and compounds „Show Stopper winner“. The Heytex Coastbar TPU was originally developed for applications where the material has to stay in the water for a long time like closed systems for aqua culture applications. The focus during the development was to achieve a high adhesion even after wet ageing (= hydrolysis resistance). The formulation used in H8550 does not contain low molecular weight impurities as plasticiser, stabilizer, solvent, etc. Therefore it is not critical to apply this product in environmental-sensitive applications. Due to the high abrasion resistance and smooth surface the product is also suitable for boat applications like RIBs, folding Kajaks, inflatable boats etc. One additional benefit compared to often used Hypalon fabrics is that the material is weldable with HF and hot air.


Download flyer


Heytex offers the perfect solution for any requirement.

Almost fifty per cent of all fabrics produced in Germany are technical fabrics.
The Bramsche based fabric company Heytex, having sites in Neugersdorf, China and the USA produces high quality fabrics of this segment. Whatever your requirements, Heytex will find the adequate material solution. “The company has now been existing for 100 years already and was developed from a family business. We develop high-quality, functionalised fabrics which can suit any requirements, owing to their versatility“, says Dr. Decher, the Heytex group managing director.

In the field of Texineering® = fabric + engineering, Heytex relies in 2017 on an absolute HEYlight fabric support having a TPU coating suiting to long term applications. These materials must resist heavy conditions while offering outstanding reliability. These products stand out due to superior adhesion grades, feature distinguished abrasion properties, excellent flexibility under cold conditions and suit ideally for any applications involving a long stay in the water. For the first time, the standing proven and award-winning HEYtrax double-wall tissue are now available with TPU coating, too.

A new product offered by Heytex is easyroller 1700 from the HEYdoors rolling series. Just like the other materials from this series, the new product is extremely wear-resistant and very long-lasting. Owing to its woven pockets, it is possible to easily integrate local reinforcements requiring no additional manufacture work. This results into a plane surface without any additional fused pockets which can then be used for printing advertising messages, as necessary. Easyroller items are based upon resilient polyester tissues.

In order to meet specific client requirements, we have clearly enriched the variety in the field of materials designed to store products. Starting from storage of drinking water under various world-wide standards, to tap water, chemicals up to products from the field of food production, Heytex is in a position to offer adequate material made of PVC, various TPU types and TPE.

At the Techtextil trade fair of this year, Heytex will show textile applications featuring material properties that exist, among others, in the great outdoors. As an example, an elephant skin is highly hard-wearing, just like the offshore oil barriers of the HEYbarrier range which withstand the heaviest environment conditions.


The textile company from Bramsche sets on size at Fespa 2017.
“Discover the gateway to the world with Heytex” a request that Heytex meets with its ground-breaking fabrics for a wide variety of applications and printing processes. Whether as textile, banner or laminate – extraordinary ideas can be realised on fabrics made of HEYtex. True to the motto: “No idea can ever be too big.”

This motto is taken more than literally by Heytex this year. At the fair, images of the megacities of the world show the connection to that world. Heytex sets on internationality that they already live at their locations in Germany, the USA and China.

A large volume will also be covered by the 5-metre laminating plant which will be launched by the company in autumn 2017. Up to 15 million square metres of additional capacity per year will allow an enhanced product range to meet new customer requirements. Thus, further markets may be opened up and 100% best quality can be offered as before.

“We are all very excited and looking forward to the new challenges. With the new plant, we will have another foot in the door to become the market leader”, says Katrin von Dreele, Product manager HEYsign.

Just like John F. Kennedy expressed it so appropriately: Once you say you’re going to settle for second, that’s what happens to you in life.

Von Dreele “And this is not our standard of quality. We have been producing quality for more than 100 years now and try to meet and implement every customer requirement”.

To promote this quality in the best possible way, the warehouse and logistic centre as well as the lamination facility for PVC-free lamination will be expanded. Quick response times and optimal handling will be the results.