Solution driven experience in the field of defense

Heytex USA produces coated, laminated and composite technical textiles for the military tent market. Our textiles support billeting, kitchens, latrines, ground covers, walls, floors, roofs, window covers, shade, bags, ECU (Evaporated cooling unit), decuting, HVAC plenum, lift bladders, and repair tape.

Additional capabilities that can be added into each tent are antimicrobial technology, and random or specific camouflage designs.

Technical textiles are produced in weights from 203 g/m² to 1200 g/m² (6 oz/yd² to  35 of/yd²) and widths up to 180 cm (72 inch). Heytex USA has the ability to meet demanding infrared reflection requirement up to 2500 nm. The tent wall and roof textiles are blackout and have dull appearance (low gloss). They can be hot air or high frequency (HF) welded. Minimum service life is 3 years in the field or 10 years in warehouse conditions.

Weitere Informationen:

  • billeting
  • kitchens
  • latrines
  • ground covers
  • walls
  • floors, roofs
  • window covers, shade
  • bags
  • ECU (evaporated cooling unit)
  • ducting
  • HVAC plenum
  • lift bladders
  • repair take