Art installation Global Gate in Dubai made of HEYtex® printed textiles

Check out this fascinating art installation by the renowned artist Leon Löwentraut, which serves the campaign #art2GlobalGoals with the goal to bring the 17 Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the UN to people around the world.

Thus, the sustainable artwork is made entirely of recycled cargo containers, the paints are solvent-free and printed by our esteemed customer Kürten&Lechner (KLdruck) and the used material is recyclable.

The art work with its over 20 m height is the largest mobile installation of the world and meant to travel around the world, but only the outer front part travels from place to place since the partners at the respective cities provide the cargo containers on site.

The Global Gate made its introduction in 2020 at Frankfurt Airport and was covered with Heytex material ecotex® frontlit of a range of 100% PVC-free, sustainable and environmentally friendly textiles. Now the Global Gate makes its appearance in Dubai until March 2022.