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  • Ultra-modern cone warping plant for sharpened chains up to approx. 520 cm
  • Single yarn monitoring with compensation brakes


  • Weaving machines up to max. 520 cm raw fabric width
  • Weaving technologies: rapier, projectile, air, warp beam in high position
  • Electronic fault detection on the loom
  • Rewind on large dock


  • Most modern knitting machines up to approx. 520 cm
  • Rewind on large dock
  • Electronic fault detection on the knitting machine

Contract Coating

  • Coating plants up to approx. 520 cm with different application possibilities (Dyeing & finishing up to 500 cm, spread-coating up to 320 cm, calander-coating up to 218 cm)
  • Solvent-based or also on watery basis


  • Based on existing formulations, precursors such as aqueous slurries or aqueous ready-to-use compounds can be produced semi-automatically on a ton scale.

Inspection + Cutting

  • Most modern fabric inspection with cutting to length according to specification
  • Single or multiple cutting to width


Performance Spectrum

Performance Spectrum

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