Change of Management at BondCote

Martin Denney will succeed Ted Anderson

Martin Denney will become Vice President of BondCote Corporation. He will replace Ted Anderson, who successfully managed the company for more than 14 years and will retire on 4 December 2017.


BondCote Corporation is the American branch of the globally active textile group Heytex in Bramsche. In 2015, BondCote Corporation was acquired as part of the company’s portfolio and rounds off the broad product spectrum. The U.S.-based company, with its approximately 80 employees, is specialized in the production of coated and laminated textiles for military, defense and safety, agricultural, large and party tents as well as banners for indoor and outdoor applications. Like its parent company Heytex, BondCote is strongly focused on finding all kinds of application solutions. True to the company motto: “You have the requirement, we have the right material.”


Martin Denney brings a wealth of experience in operations and sales from the industry, including more than 10 years in a global company where he was responsible for the production of technical textiles.
“I am very much looking forward to this new task and the associated challenge. I am convinced that we will continue to write the BondCote Corporation success story,” Denney said about his new task.

HEYlight of the month – coastbar 950 TPU

Heytex takes home Show Stopper Award

Coastbar 950 TPU gewinnt den 2017 IFAI Award in der Kategorie „Chemicals, Coatings and Compouds“.
Der Fokus bei der Entwicklung von coastbar 950 TPU lag bei hohen Haftungswerten, insbesondere nach Feuchtealterung (= Hydrolysebeständigkeit). Die Rezeptur von H8550 enhält keinerlei niedermolekulare Bestandteile wie z.B. Weichmacher, Lösungsmittel etc. Dies macht das Produkt ideal für den Einsatz in ökologischen Anwendungen. Aufgrund seiner hohen Abriebbeständigkeit und glatten Oberfläche ist das Material außerdem besonders gut geeignet für Boot-Anwendungen wie RIBs, faltbare Kajaks, aufblasbare Boote, etc.

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Heytex takes home Show Stopper Award

Coastbar TPU wins IFAI 2017 Chemicals, Coatings and Compounds Category

Every year Industrial Association Fabrics International (IFAI) Expo showcases the new and innovative products of the year through its „Show Stopper Program“. It is to recognize the best of the best on the show floor. Heytex’s Coastbar Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) (H8550) was this year’s chemicals, coatings and compounds „Show Stopper winner“. The Heytex Coastbar TPU was originally developed for applications where the material has to stay in the water for a long time like closed systems for aqua culture applications. The focus during the development was to achieve a high adhesion even after wet ageing (= hydrolysis resistance). The formulation used in H8550 does not contain low molecular weight impurities as plasticiser, stabilizer, solvent, etc. Therefore it is not critical to apply this product in environmental-sensitive applications. Due to the high abrasion resistance and smooth surface the product is also suitable for boat applications like RIBs, folding Kajaks, inflatable boats etc. One additional benefit compared to often used Hypalon fabrics is that the material is weldable with HF and hot air.


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Heytex offers the perfect solution for any requirement.

Almost fifty per cent of all fabrics produced in Germany are technical fabrics.
The Bramsche based fabric company Heytex, having sites in Neugersdorf, China and the USA produces high quality fabrics of this segment. Whatever your requirements, Heytex will find the adequate material solution. “The company has now been existing for 100 years already and was developed from a family business. We develop high-quality, functionalised fabrics which can suit any requirements, owing to their versatility“, says Dr. Decher, the Heytex group managing director.

In the field of Texineering® = fabric + engineering, Heytex relies in 2017 on an absolute HEYlight fabric support having a TPU coating suiting to long term applications. These materials must resist heavy conditions while offering outstanding reliability. These products stand out due to superior adhesion grades, feature distinguished abrasion properties, excellent flexibility under cold conditions and suit ideally for any applications involving a long stay in the water. For the first time, the standing proven and award-winning HEYtrax double-wall tissue are now available with TPU coating, too.

A new product offered by Heytex is easyroller 1700 from the HEYdoors rolling series. Just like the other materials from this series, the new product is extremely wear-resistant and very long-lasting. Owing to its woven pockets, it is possible to easily integrate local reinforcements requiring no additional manufacture work. This results into a plane surface without any additional fused pockets which can then be used for printing advertising messages, as necessary. Easyroller items are based upon resilient polyester tissues.

In order to meet specific client requirements, we have clearly enriched the variety in the field of materials designed to store products. Starting from storage of drinking water under various world-wide standards, to tap water, chemicals up to products from the field of food production, Heytex is in a position to offer adequate material made of PVC, various TPU types and TPE.

At the Techtextil trade fair of this year, Heytex will show textile applications featuring material properties that exist, among others, in the great outdoors. As an example, an elephant skin is highly hard-wearing, just like the offshore oil barriers of the HEYbarrier range which withstand the heaviest environment conditions.


The textile company from Bramsche sets on size at Fespa 2017.
“Discover the gateway to the world with Heytex” a request that Heytex meets with its ground-breaking fabrics for a wide variety of applications and printing processes. Whether as textile, banner or laminate – extraordinary ideas can be realised on fabrics made of HEYtex. True to the motto: “No idea can ever be too big.”

This motto is taken more than literally by Heytex this year. At the fair, images of the megacities of the world show the connection to that world. Heytex sets on internationality that they already live at their locations in Germany, the USA and China.

A large volume will also be covered by the 5-metre laminating plant which will be launched by the company in autumn 2017. Up to 15 million square metres of additional capacity per year will allow an enhanced product range to meet new customer requirements. Thus, further markets may be opened up and 100% best quality can be offered as before.

“We are all very excited and looking forward to the new challenges. With the new plant, we will have another foot in the door to become the market leader”, says Katrin von Dreele, Product manager HEYsign.

Just like John F. Kennedy expressed it so appropriately: Once you say you’re going to settle for second, that’s what happens to you in life.

Von Dreele “And this is not our standard of quality. We have been producing quality for more than 100 years now and try to meet and implement every customer requirement”.

To promote this quality in the best possible way, the warehouse and logistic centre as well as the lamination facility for PVC-free lamination will be expanded. Quick response times and optimal handling will be the results.

HEYstore – Food Series

Food Safe

Because health is the most valuable asset..

Our materials are suitable and certified for food contact according to EU guideline VO No. 10/2011, EC list No. 1935/2004 and US FDA rules and regulations. They are free of heavy metals,
plasticizers and comply with REACH regulations.
Store your valuable foods optimally and without any risk.

Test our new HEYstore materials for food contact today.


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We were very pleased to welcome you during this year’s Fespa Show in Hamburg.

We are currently working on your requests from the show. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our sales team.

Phone: +49 5468 7774 0





We were very pleased to welcome you during this year’s Fespa Show in Hamburg.

We are currently working on your requests from the show. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our sales team.

phone +49 5468 7774 321



Welcome at Techtextil 2017

You have the requirement – we have the solution.

Discover the many faces of technical, functionalized fabrics at this year*s Techtextil Frankfurt.

“Discover the many faces of fabric” – an invitation which is met by Heytex with its technical textiles for the most diverse applications and printing processes. Technical textiles by Heytex are used all over the world. The premium quality fabrics of the “Texineering” range can be used for many different purposes. Learn more about our diversity and visit us at Techtextil.

We are looking forward to meeting you there.

Techtextil Frankfurt | 09.-12. May 2017 | Hall 3 Stand B75

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Welcome to Fespa 2017

Discover the gateway to the world with Heytex sign media..

At this year’s Fespa in Hamburg, Heytex will opt for size.”Discover the gateway to the world with Heytex”, a request that Heytex meets with its ground-breaking fabrics for a wide variety of applications and printing processes. Whether as textile, banner or laminate, backlit, frontlit, mesh, blockout, decoration fabric, acoustic textile or wall and/or ceiling covering – unusual ideas can come true on fabrics made by HEYtex®. True to the Heytex motto: “No idea can ever be too big”.

Convince yourself at Fespa 2017 in Hamburg.
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Hamburg Messe und Congress | 8. – 12. May 2017 | Hall B7 Stand B7-B10

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